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Introducing the Gate.

Last Updated: Apr 12, 2016 02:50PM PDT

You are about to discover the fastest and easiest way to capture leads and sell products and services without leaving your fan page.

On all 22Social Apps you can enable a Facebook Login Powered “Gate” which will protect the main content of your App until a visitor has successfully logged into your App using their Facebook Profile. Once they have logged in, they are automatically redirected to your main content and never see the Gate again.

You can also connect your App Gate with your PayPal Account, which allows you to charge a one-time fee to access the main content on your App and create an instant affiliate program.


Full Explanation:

Your 22Social App has 2 parts the public can see.


Your Main Content. 

This is the destination where you can add text and up to 18 media areas. If your Gate is not “Enabled” this page will be public and anyone on the web can see it. Your viewer does not need a Facebook Account.


Your Gate. 

When “Enabled” the Gate will be the only thing your visitor will see on your app.  You can add text and 2 media sections, one call to action and one comment stream. To remove the Gate and access the Main Content your visitor will need to "Login" with their Facebook Account.  

The Gate is very easy to setup - it is also the same process currently being used by 80% of the top 100 grossing Gaming Apps.

 It does not post on their wall, it simply identifies them and either allows or denies access.
Once the login is complete, the visitor’s information is automatically added to your SRM and the visitor is redirected to the Main Content. 

Whenever they return to your App, they are recognized by their Facebook Profile and go directly to the Main Content. This process is seamless for them.

Deliver Free or Paid Content.

The Gate can act as a landing page or a sales page. With every Login, you receive an entry into the SRM. Each SRM is unique to the App. SRM data can be exported at anytime as well as go directly into your autoresponder. 


Examples of free content

  • Login to get on a newsletter.
  • Login to a contest or raffle.
  • Login to receive a video or other content.
  • Login to watch a Hangout.
  • Login to get a coupon.


Examples of paid content

  • Login and pay to access recorded content or lessons.
  • Login and pay to access a live Hangout.
  • Login and pay to access a voucher for product or service
  • Login and pay to access a ticket to an event.
  • Login and pay to become a member of an App.
  • Login and pay to access files.


More Features of The Pay Gate



Easily see your top performing affiliates, so you can contact and reward them.

Select a Winner

A simple way to randomly select a winner from your SRM entries. You can even do it live, so participants can watch in suspense.

Share Incentives

When your Gate is enabled entries can get there own share link. The 22Social system will keep track of how many people each person has referred to your App. The more referrals a person has, the more chances they have to win!


Instant Two Tier Affiliate Program

If you want to offer buyers the ability to become affiliates and earn cash back, it’s never been easier.

Just fill in the percentage you would like to pay out and click save. 

Unique affiliate links are generated automatically and your buyers only need a PayPal account to participate.

As the original seller, you will get immediate cash deposits in your PayPal account from all affiliate sales. 

Affiliates are automatically paid 30 days later via your PayPal account, so it is important to keep funds available to pay your affiliates. This requires no action on your part.

There is also a second tier (super affiliate) available which means, if buyer #1 makes an affiliate sale to buyer #2, and buyer #2 made an affiliate sale to buyer #3, buyer #1 would be the “super affiliate.”

You can select another commission percentage to pay your super affiliates, it does not have to be the same as your 1st tier affiliate payout and it is optional.



This is designed for the Agency or Consultant who is setting up Apps for other businesses. By entering a percentage number it allows you to get paid a percentage of the total sale price. 

Royalty Example

Consultant finds a Restaurant has lots of real Fans with great engagement or at least has a decent size email list you can load in as a Custom Audience.

Consultant approaches Restaurant Manager and says, I can create a mobile optimized Facebook campaign that generates immediate cashflow and builds your database for future promotion... and the best part, I won’t charge you anything to set it up, interested?

As a Consultant and using the PayGate you create a $50 Vouchers and sell it for $30 with free promotions and a simple Facebook Ad. If you want it to go viral, incentivize buyers with cash back for sharing. 

When a sale is made, the Restaurant gets paid immediately, you start getting paid your royalty 30 days later from every sale made.

Let’s say i this example you helped the Restaurant sell 100 Vouchers.

That’s roughly $2760 in total revenue after fees. With a 20% royalty you earn $552 - minus any of your costs.

This can be one of many campaigns you run for local businesses year round.

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