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How to install a Remarketing Pixel and use a Custom Audience

Last Updated: Dec 26, 2014 12:34PM PST
3 Easy Steps, So You Can Build a Facebook Custom Audience And Convert More Leads Into Buyers

STEP 1: Go to www.22s.com/account
  • Select the 22Social App you wish to add your pixel onto.
  • Click the “SRM” button located on uor Admin Dashboard.
  • Click: “Tracking”
  • Click: Facebook Custom Audience
  • Copy both URLs (Desktop/Mobile).
  • If you have your Pixel ID# you can insert it and turn the tracking “On.” If you do not have your Pixel ID, we will cover how to do it in the next step.

STEP 2: Log Into Your Ads Manager
  • Select Audiences on left hand side
  • Click: Create Audience from the top right hand side of the page.
  • Select “Custom Audience” from the drop down menu.
  • Select “Custom Audience from your Website”
  • Enter “Audience Name”
  • Enter Description (only you will see these)
  • Select “People who visit specific web pages” from the drop down menu.
  • Enter Desktop URL from the 22Social App
  • Although you can enter both URLs here to create one Custom Audience, you may want to consider creating one Custom Audience of Mobile Visitors and another of Desktop Visitors. This will provide you with a more targeting audience. It is recommended, but not necessary. To create a second Custom Audience for “Mobile Only” you just need to do step 2 again, but add the Mobile Pixel.
  • We recommend entering 180 days (FB Maximum) - this is how long your pixel will be collecting your Custom Audience.
  • Leave the box checked to “Include past website traffic”
  • When complete, click: “Create Audience”
  • You will see that your Audience is “Not Ready” - You need at least 20 visitors before you can use the Custom Audience.

Step 3: Insert Pixel Into Your 22Social App
You don’t have to do this if you completed this in step 1
  • You only get one pixel code, if you don’t have it yet, hover over the empty area where I have the orange box (photo above) and click: “Pixel Details” and it will give you this code
  • You only need the ID# for your 22Social App (see illustration above).
  • Copy pixel ID#.
  • Go back to your 22Social App.
  • Click: “SRM”
  • Click: “Tracking”
  • Click: Facebook Custom Audience
  • Insert “Pixel ID#”
  • Turn “On”
  • Click “Save”

Done! You installed a Marketing Pixel.

How to use a “Custom Audience”
  • When placing an ads Facebook will provide you with an option to “Browse” your Custom Audiences.
  • You new Audience will be in the drop down menu.
  • When you have more than 20 visitors you can begin to run ads to your Custom Audience.


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