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Glossary of Terms

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2017 04:41PM PDT
This a collection of definitions for various terms (and their definitions) we may use during hangouts including articles within our Support Center.
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Account ID: A private and unique number which identifies information about your account.

Account Plan: The type of account associated to a plan.
  • Lite, Pro, or PRO+

Account Access: The ability to view all your app features including billing information.

Add Comment (plugin): Facebook features that will allow your visitor to comment on your app's Comment Feed.

Admin Dashboard: Section of the app with specific controls allowing you to Change Layout, Edit Content, Billing information, and additional features.

Admin (Facebook): A person that manages a Facebook Page(Fan Page).

AdRoll: Retargeting platform that allows you to track visitors for marketing purposes. Typically in the form of a pixel.

Affiliates (Pay Gate): Person or group attached to your app and rewarded for performance-based marketing in which a business them for each customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.

App Style: Options that allow you to change the feel and mood of your app with a different layout, color, font style, background image, and text decoration.

App Title: Typically the first line of the header. This section is located above all the Media Types you add to the body of the app.

Auto Refresh Comments (plugin): Facebook features that will allow your Comment Feed to auto update.

Autoresponder: A program that automatically generates a set response to all messages sent to a particular e-mail address.​

Background Style: The part of the app that is farthest from the viewer and covers the body of the app with the option to add color or pattern.

Button Text: The tag that defines or appears on a clickable button.

Button Settings (Pay Gate): Button which gives you the options to add anyone who clicks on the button to enter your Social Relationship Manager(SRM) and gain access to your content.

Billing: Features which allows you to see transactions and update your payment information.

Close Button: Button located in the Admin Panel that closes any open features such as Layout, Content, and Styling the Pay Gate or Main Content.

Commission: Paid entirely or partially from sales one has made.

Confirmation Message: A message that appears on a computer screen confirming a response of an action that was taken. (i.e. "Your message has been sent.")

Connect Account button: Connects your Pay Pal Account to your app.

Connect w/ Location: Google map plugin that allows you to add directions to a physical location.

Content: Information such as copy or media that you add to your app for a visitor to see.

Conversion Pixel: Provided in your Facebook Ad Manager to signal events that happened while the user was browsing your website like viewing a product, registering or even adding a product to his cart.

Copy: The copy writing is a written message for the purpose of advertising or marketing. The copy is meant to persuade someone to buy a product, or influence their beliefs.

Coupon: A voucher entitling the holder to a discount or proof of payment for a particular product.

CTA Button: CTA is an acronym for "Call To Action". This is the green button(s) that prompt the visitor to take an action. (i.e. order now, click here)

Custom Relationship Management(CRM): The system for managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. This involves using technology such as an autoresponder to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.

Custom Share Details: Feature that allows you to customize the image and text that displays when your smart-link is shared.

Delete: A command on the app that erases.

Disclaimers: Any statement intended to specify or delimit the scope of rights and obligations that may be exercised and enforced by parties in a legally recognized relationship. 

Enabled: Makes the app operational; activate. 

Facebook Custom Audience: An ad targeting option that lets advertisers find their existing audiences among people who are on Facebook.

Facebook Page: Also called a Fan Page is a public profile specifically created for businesses, brands, celebrities, causes, and other organizations. Unlike personal profiles, pages do not gain "friends," but "fans" - which are people who choose to "like" a page. Pages can gain an unlimited number of fans, differing from personal profiles, which has had a 5,000 friend maximum put on it by Facebook. Pages work similarly to profiles, updating users with things such as statuses, links, events, photos and videos. This information appears on the page itself, as well as in its fans' personal news feeds.

Facebook Profile: A public or private profile created for personal interaction. Unlike a Facebook Page, profiles do not gain "fans," but "friends" - which which has a 5,000 friend maximum put on it by Facebook.

Feature Request: Allows customers to share ideas about improving or recommending new components such as an autoresponder integration.

Featured Area: The portion of the app that includes your media, copy and CTA button(green).

Feed ID: A numerical format used for providing users with frequently updated content.

Font Style: A set of displayable text characters in a specific style and size. (i.e. Arial, Tahoma)

Footer: The line or block of content appearing at the bottom of each app.

Google Adwords(AdWords): An advertising service by Google for businesses wanting to display ads on Google and its advertising network.

Google Analytic: A service offered by Google that generates detailed statistics about a website's traffic and traffic sources and measures conversions and sales.

Header Font: The style, size, and/or decoration of the Copy located at the most top of the app that can viewed by the public.

Knowledge Base Article: Also known as an Article in a Support Center submitted by an expert with information about how to use the 22Social app. 

Knowledge Base(KB): A centralized repository for information. 

Layout: The part of the app that deals in the arrangement of visual elements on a page(copy, CTA buttons, media). It generally involves organisational principles of composition to achieve specific communication objectives. 

Like a Comment (plugin): Action taken that shows agreement or support of a wall post. The action is taken on the comment feed in your app. 

Lite Account: A free account with access to one app. 

Moderator Views: View seen by the person who moderates the app. 

Media Type: This includes video, photo, stream, slide presentation, and audio. 

Mood (light/dark): Style option that toggles between black or white background color. The change is made to the header, Facebook Comments, and Footer. 

My Apps: Featured on the Admin Panel and leads to all your apps. 

Pay Options (Pay Gate): Tab located in the Pay Gate's Pay Options tab which allows you to setup PayPal integration, cost of products, autoresponders, and affiliate payouts. 

Pay Gate: An app that allows you to receive payment for content located within the app. 

Perfect Audience: Facebook retargeting tool that lets you display advertisements on Facebook to users who have visited your site before, increasing the likelihood they'll convert. 

Pixel ID: Facebook code used to track a Conversion Pixel. 

Pro Account: A paid account with access upto 10 apps. 

Pro+ Account: A paid account with access up to 100 apps. 

Product Amount: Price set to enter the Main Content of a Pay Gate. 

Product Name: Name of Product being sold in the Pay Gate. 

Public Comments: All comments that are made in the Facebook comment feed. 

Public Questions: Forum where app ideas, questions, and feedback can be made between app owners. 

Published: Makes the app visible to the public. 

QR Code: A Quick Response(QR) code that is scanned using a mobile device leading to a particular smart-link. 

Query: A search made in the Customer Service's Knowledge BAse(KB). 

Referral: An act of referring someone to 22Social using your Referral Link.

Referral Footer: Part of the app that includes disclaimer, "Clone This App", and 22Social install button. Can be found at the bottom portion of the app. 

Referral Link: A unique link for each account that tracks referrals. (i.e. www.22s.com/free/XXXX) 

Refresh Now (plugin): Facebook comment feed button that manually refreshes your comments. 

Reply to a Comment (plugin): Facebook comment feature that allows replying to comments left by visitors. 

Request Info: App feature that displays a form which allows you visitor to contact you. 

Royalty (Pay Gate): A payment to an owner for the use of property, especially patents, copyrighted works, franchises or natural resources. 

Save Button: Located on the Admin Panel and used to save and changes that you make to your app. 

Secondary Managers: You can allow another user to have access to your app. This gives them the ability to edit and manage your app. 

Seller Name: Name of person or organization selling product. 

Set as Default: The setting used to make an app your primary app. Best practice used to define which app points to your Smart-Link. 

SiteScout: Advertising software that enables users to create and manage various formats of ad campaigns. 

Smart-Link (URL): Unique default and sublevel links used to reach desktop and mobile versions of the app. (i.e. 22s.com/123, 22s.com/13/abc) 

Smart-Link Settings: This is a feature located in “My Apps” which allows you to change your Smart-Link URL. 

Social Media Buttons: Web-based buttons embedded into your app with the ability to share to various social media networks. 

Social Media Links: Customizable links to your social media pages. 

Social Relationships Manager(SRM): A unique 22Social feature with the ability to collect visitor information when a CTA button is clicked. 

Styles: All options to change the mood, color, font family, and background images to your app. 

Subscription: The action of making or agreeing to make an advance payment in order to receive or participate in something. 

Super Affiliate (Pay Gate): An affiliate capable of generating a significant percentage of an affiliate program’s activity. 

Tab Image: The image on your Fan Page that links to your app. 

Tag:  A line of text or word that displays a message. (i.e. "Buy Now")

Terms of Service: Also known as terms of use and terms and conditions are rules which one must agree to abide by in order to use your service. Terms of service can also be merely a disclaimer, especially regarding the use of websites. 

Text Shadow: Decoration around text that can be enabled or disabled by viewing options in the App Style button. 

Ticket: A tracking system entry with account information, issue, response(s), and additional information about the incident. 

Tracking: Options in your CRM to help you keep track of the effects of marketing actions.

Unpublished: Makes the app visible to only to owner or secondary managers of the app. 

URL: A web address. (i.e. https://www.22s.com) 

URL Redirect: Technique used for making a web page forward to another URL address. 

Username: Also known as 22s Username i the identification used by a person with to a an app. .This can be found by clicking the My Apps tab on your Admin Panel. 


Wizard: A software wizard or setup assistant is a user interface type that presents a user with a sequence of dialog boxes that lead the user through a series of well-defined steps. 




3 and its Free: A 22Social program designed for a customer to earn his subscription for free.
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