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Last Updated: Mar 01, 2016 12:10PM PST

Common Questions

What are the fees or costs as a seller?

There is no upfront cost for the programming, hosting, maintenance, training, support, or the instant affiliate system. It is free to set this up on every 22Social App.

22Social collects a fee of $1 to cover the cost of PayPal adaptive payments which enables to have automatic payment and supports the affiliate option.

PayPal also has their fees. Roughly, 2.9% of the total amount and .30 per transaction. See PayPal Fees

When are commissions paid?

If you are the original seller, meaning you set up the App with your PayPal email address as the seller, you get paid instantly. 22Social fees and other affiliate commissions are automatically paid from your PayPal account 30 days later. A commission that has yet to be paid out can be identified by the "red dot" which is held by PayPal for a 30 day hold.  The hold begins on the day the transaction was made.

Do I need to keep money in my PayPal Account for payouts?

Yes, PayPal will automatically pay the commissions and transaction fees, 30 days later. If you do not have the funds in your PayPal Account, it will transfer them from the bank account authorized to your PayPal account. If you do not have the funds in either account, you will have a problem with PayPal.

Who is responsible for refunds?

If a refund is made within the first 30 days it will stop any affiliate commissions from being paid on that sale. As the original seller you are responsible for all refunds after 30 days. Once you pay out commissions to affiliates they are no longer liable. 

How do I know when a sale is made?

Every time you make a sale, you will get an email from 22Social. PayPal will also send you an email to notify you of the sale. 

Where is my sales dashboard?

When you go to your App click SRM you will see your sales summary at a glance. Your latest entry will be at the top. unless you click “Leaderboard” in which case it will display your top referrers first.

What is a Ninja Link?

Every action button (green button) on your App has a unique link, we call it the “Ninja Link.” To get the link all you need to do is hover over the action button and right click your computer mouse and “copy link address” then paste it somewhere you will not lose it. You can post this link anywhere on the web to sell products or get leads. You can hyperlink it on your website or blog. Use it in your Facebook videos and call-to-action buttons... even post it on other social networks to cross-pollinate your social lists!

How can I tell buyers about my affiliate program?

There will be a link on the top right hand side of your App where buyers can enter their PayPal email address and get their affiliate link. When they get their affiliate link, the screen will display your current affiliate payout commission percentage. 

If you want to make it more prominent, devote an featured area on your App Main Content to your affiliate program. 

You can obtain the link (ninja link) to your affiliate signup page by hovering over the link box in the top right corner of the App and “right clicking” - “copy link address” save in it. Use the affiliate signup link anywhere in the main content of your App or affiliate instructions as illustrated below.

What if I want someone to be an affiliate, but not a buyer?

You cannot send your affiliate signup link to just anyone because the system will need to identify them based their Facebook Profile. They will need to first log into your app, so instruct them to go to your Gate and click the green button (action button) - continue until they reach the PayPal page, then exit without making payment. After they have done this, you can go back into your SRM - locate the person and manually allow access. They can then proceed with your affiliate program.

Send them a message like this:

Hello, I’m excited to invite you to participate in my affiliate program! Currently, the product price is $X, but I’d like to waive that cost for you as an affiliate. Please go to www.22s.com/ABC and click the green button. Continue until you reach the PayPal page, then exit without making payment. After you have done this, please respond back to me and I’ll get you into the program right away!

After response message:

OK, you are ready to activate your affiliate account! Please click here to get started www.Your_Affiliate_Ninja_Link.

Does the Gate accept different currencies?

Yes, it currently operates in Australian Dollar, Brazilian Real, Canadian Dollar, Danish Krone, Euro, New Zealand Dollar, Pound Sterling, US Dollar. You must select one currency per App. Please Contact Support for more stipulations.

What if my visitor abandons my cart?

If they logged into your App and did not complete the PayPal process, they will not be allowed into your main content. You will get the SRM entry, but they will NOT be added to your email autoresponder. Only buyers will will be added to your email autoresponder.

Are there upsells/downsells?

If you want to make an upsell you can make it in the main content area of your App. There are no down sells. We are developing more features for you to apply scarcity to your offers. 

Can I put an exit pop up?

There are no exit popups allowed in Facebook.

Are you going to add other merchant accounts besides PayPal?

Thanks to PayPal’s API and their new “Adaptive Pay” you are now able to create instant affiliate networks, pay, or receive royalties - it's well trusted around the world and super simple to set up. We have not seen these possibilities elsewhere. If we do, we may look into it in the future, but for now, we want to focus on perfecting this integration first.

How will I know if a person wants a refund?

They will need to contact you. The contact information you supplied including Product Names, Seller Name, Seller’s Fan Page and Seller’s PayPal Email Address was emailed to the buyer immediately after their purchase. It is also available at the top of their product purchase. 22Social does not make reference to refunds on your App, so you may want to include your refund policy somewhere on your App (like the footer links). Your buyer may also request a refund through PayPal, in which case, PayPal will notify you.

How do I initiate a refund?

You will need to log into your PayPal Account and initiate the refund from there. 

Where do my affiliates see their sales?

Currently, the only way to see what their total sales and the dates they were made is by searching their email for “22Social you’ve made a sale.” We are building out Account pages complete with affiliate dashboard which will be available in early 2015.

How can I use the Pay Gate for a local business?

Usually the best application for a local business is to sell a redeemable discount voucher. For example, lets say a business sold a $75 dollar service. They could advertise that offer on Facebook, and take payment thru PayPal. After a purchase is made you can inform them about the cashback for sharing program (optional). When a buyer wants to redeem the service all you need to do is ask for their Name and check your SRM. If the person is in there, give them the service and remove their access, so you know it was redeemed and they can buy it again.

Would you add the affiliate option for a local business deal?

Yes, but not the “Super Affiliate.” I would structure it as “cashback for sharing” and explain it in the Main Content 

Does my buyer need to have 22Social?

No, they don’t even have to know 22Social exists.

Does my buyer need to have PayPal?

No, PayPal will accept all major credit cards including Visa / Delta / Electron, MasterCard / Eurocard, Maestro and American Express. You buyer can also checkout quickly with PayPal.

Does my buyer need to have a Facebook Account?

Yes, your App identifies people by their Facebook Profile. They will need to have an existing Facebook Account or have to create an account to access your App.

Does my affiliate need to have 22Social?

No, your buyers do not need a 22Social Account, they just need to insert their PayPal email address to get paid for referrals.

Does a person need 22Social to clone my App?

Yes.  They will need at least a Standard subsriptions.

What kind of information do I get?

Buyer Facebook Profile, Buyer Full Name, Buyer Facebook Email, Buyer Paypal Email, Buyer Location, Buyer Date of Birth. Product Bought, Product Seller Name, Amount Paid, Your Earnings

If you have the affiliate program enabled and the sale was made by an affiliate, you also get this information.

Affiliate Payout, if any. Affiliate App, if it was sold on a cloned App. Affiliate PayPal Email. Super Affiliate Payout, if any. Super Affiliate App, if it was sold on a cloned App. Super Affiliate PayPal Email.

Can I retarget to my leads and buyers with Facebook Ads?

Yes, go to your App and click SRM - click “Export” - upload this list into your Facebook Ads Manager as a “Custom Audience” and name it - when choosing Ad Targeting, select the name of your Custom Audience.

Does 22Social send my buyer an email?

Yes, the buyer receives an immediate email confirming their purchase. This email is only sent if their PayPal transaction was successful. The email contains the contact information you supplied including Product Name, Seller Name, Seller’s Fan Page link and Seller’s PayPal Email Address. This information is also available at the top of their product purchase. 

Why am I getting so many emails from PayPal?

You will get an email to the email address you have on file with PayPal every time you make a sale. You will get an email every time an affiliate makes a sale for you. You will get an email every time PayPal pays a 22Social service fee (30 days later). You will get an email when PayPal pays an affiliate or super affiliate commission (30 days later). You will get an email every time PayPal pays a Royalty (30 days later). Basically, you get an email for every transaction... and yeah, that can be a lot of stinkin emails! At first they are fun, but as you grow you may want to consider a separate email folder or editing your settings in your PayPal Account.

Do you have any examples?

Yes, when we tested the product with “The Experiment” (www.22s.com/experiment). In 6 weeks, one 22Social App generated a Custom Audience of 2500 people - collected 951 leads - made 644 unique sales and earned $14,168.00 - of which payed $2588.44 back to the people who shared it! The promotion consisted of several FB posts (less than 10), 2 hangouts warming up to it, 2 direct offers to an email list of 30k - total Ad spend was $603.27.

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