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My Admin Dashboard

Last Updated: Mar 01, 2016 12:49PM PST
The Admin Dashboard is located on the top portion of any app that you Admin. It will only be displayed by the admin of the app.  This article will cover components to best help you navigate your app.  In depth articles that go into detail on how to use the components can be found through out the Support Center.

  1. This section of the Admin Dashboard consists of  features that are relevant to Share Preview Details, Mobile Home ScreenSmart-Links (i.e. 22s.com/abcd), QR CodeAdding an Admin, and Duplicate the current app on to another app.
  2. This section holds the admin portion of the dashboard.  Anything from viewing all your apps, billing information, help, and viewing your SRM can be found in these buttons.
  3. Setting up a Lead, Pay, or contest can be set up in the drop down.  This drop down switches between Main content of the app and the Gate's views.  You can find more article about the Gate here.
  4. When your looking to style your app this is the place to go. Templates are pre-made app that you can use for hangouts, sweepstakes, and other helpful uses.  You also have access to different Layouts for your app.  Each apps can have your own feel and look.  This is done by customizing the Styles.  To add media, modify buttons, and add text click on the Content button.  More links about styling can be found here.
  5. The feed.  In the case of cloning an app you have the option of turning off some parts so that you can add custom changes.  Here are two cool articles:  Cloning and Feed.
  6. Publish and Unpublished.  You can hide this app from being viewed until you are ready for the world on Facebook to see your wonderful creation!


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